The Struggle Is Real

Group projects and surviving the college life


Your team members have been randomly assigned.

-The words that make any college student like myself cringe. Your precious GPA and future is now in the hands of Mr. Suns out guns out, dude that only plays rocket league in class, Ms. “Hold on, I’m finishing my snapchat story,” and some guy you’ve never even heard of because he hasn’t even come to class. Needless to say, 11:59pm the night of the due date is going to suck…

There’s a new app called QuickShake that came out a little while ago. It SAVED MY COLLEGE STUDENT LIFE and here’s how.

“Hey, have you finished your part? We need to submit our project soon…”

Our project was due in six hours and the dude that lives at the gym still hasn’t sent us anything. I sent him an email asking if he had anything but I knew he wasn’t going to check it until it was too late. I checked if he had a QuickShake profile and he did!

Boom! We connected with QuickShake and I contacted him on groupme and facebook messenger since he had both accounts in his QuickShake profile. Ten seconds later, I got the “oh sheeeet I totally forgot.” He got back to us in about 30 minutes with his work and we fortunately had time to do everything correctly and submit by 11:58pm.

Without QuickShake, I probably would’ve been screwed

With only a school email address, it’s tricky at times to reach out to people like group team members. If I didn’t have QuickShake to connect with all of his social media profiles, my group probably wouldn’t have heard from him until it was too late (there goes 25% of the project grade).

Whenever I am on a new team like a group project or I join a club, the first thing I do now is connect with everyone on QuickShake. It gives me the comfort of knowing that if I ever need to reach out to someone, I have a bunch of social media and contact info to get in touch with them quickly.

**(Loud EDM in the background)** “Are you on Facebook?” … “Whaat?” …

My last point - I met someone at a party awhile back that I really liked, but I didn’t remember their whole name between the loud music and my memory of that night not being very vivid... I might have even wasted an hour or more trying to find them on facebook and twitter later on.

When I meet people at parties now, I always connect with them on QuickShake since it takes like 3 seconds. I never waste time scrolling through facebook profiles praying that the search will come up with the right person.

I really wish I had QuickShake when I met that guy I liked. I haven’t seen him on campus since that party and if I had QuickShake at the time, I’d probably be still talking to him rn.

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