Some questions you might have about QuickShake.

  1. What is QuickShake?

    QuickShake is a mobile app that let's you share your social media and contact information with anyone you meet. QuickShake takes the awkward weeks or months of fully connecting with someone's online presence out of meeting new people by organizing their social media and contact information all in one place.

  2. Why should I use QuickShake?

    If you regularly meet new people, like students, professionals, and everyone else, QuickShake makes the connection process instant and more productive. Rather than toil away on linkedin or facebook trying to search for that person you met two weeks ago, QuickShake shares that information instantly with an easy-to-use profile. Students who need to reach out to a fellow classmates won't waste time looking up their groupme or facebook messenger. Business professionals who want to follow up with someone from a networking event can save time and money using QuickShake to remember those contacts (No more business cards!!!). QuickShake simply lets you connect faster.

  3. Which accounts/links can QuickShake save on my profile?

    Any account, link, social media, contact information, etc. that you want to be saved can be stored in your profile. We additionally encourage users to save and share only information that is already publicly available.

  4. Is my information safe? What is your privacy policy?

    Privacy is priority! We make every effort to protect your privacy and share only what you want to. Your information will never be shared without your approval. Our brand is customer focused and we put both the experience and safety of our users as the highest priority.