So what is a "QuickShake?"


One of the best aspects of social media

is easy access and easy connection. What we love is the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. However, there are so many social media platforms and accounts today that at times we find ourselves scrolling for a long time searching for the person we wish to add. If you’re sick of it like I am then QuickShake is an easy solution as it allows you to share all of your social media accounts in one go.

The QuickShake mobile app allows you to add all of your social media accounts from different social media into one single contact, which is awesome as you will be able to simply share your profile with anyone. This allows them to add you on different social media platforms with just a few clicks. All you need is a phone number or email address to share your QuickShake profile with them. This ensures that you are enjoying what social media is all about, easy access.

QuickShake was designed while keeping in mind the busy lives of college students

College is all about connecting with different people, so why waste time searching profiles when you could be making meaningful connections? QuickShake allows you to share your social media profiles in a few seconds, so you can go back to having the time of your life.

There is no doubt that college is the time you want to make professional connections as any one of them can pan out. No-one will stand around while you comb through the hundreds of social media accounts to find theirs. Which is exactly why you need QuickShake! It allows you to share your online presence and they will be able to add you with ease. It will help you save your time and theirs.

Every step we make takes us closer to the future

We know social media is the new means of communication. No one wastes time with old and slow ways of connecting as the true way to stay connected is via social media. QuickShake is here to help you embrace your future in style.

These advantages put together is what QuickShake is all about. There is no reason to ask people for the spelling of their name, or to try to shout out social handles over the loud music. Simply QuickShake! And let them know what you’re all about. QuickShake is designed to help save time, keep you organized, and connect faster!

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