The app that revolutionized how people meet

How the mobile app 'QuickShake' has brought a long-awaited solution to the difficult task of fully connecting with the social media presence of the people you meet.


We’ve all been there

- trying hard to keep up a conversation after we meet someone - only because we don’t have them in our digital circles. Whether you meet a new friend, someone you don’t know but want to talk to or someone that can help you in your career, connecting with them in the online world seems difficult. That is mostly because there are so many social networks, communication platforms and profiles leaving us clueless when it comes to sending the first message, wink or smiley. Or adding the new profiles to begin with… And just when no one thought that there would be an app for this, they invented QuickShake - the app that instantly lets you connect with the people you have met. All it takes is a tap on your screen and the blink of an eye for QuickShake to automatically exchange all the needed information with the people you meet.

How Does QuickShake Work?

The features of QuickShake are really simple. Basically, the app revolutionizes the way of exchanging social information with someone. Instead of searching through every social network to find them, it instantly shares what you want so you can get to what is important to you from the people you meet. For example, QuickShake lets you connect to someone’s social media and contact information automatically. Plus, they can do the same with your presence on QuickShake, including all of the social profiles that you add to it. Using QuickShake is very easy. All it takes is one sign-in through Facebook - and the meeting fun can begin!

The Filter Feature - Making Connections Easier

For all of you who thought that connecting to people on QuickShake is not the same for every person, they have thought of that as well. Not only you can connect to people with QuickShake - you can also categorize them into groups. The feature is known as the Filter, and it allows you to add a filter for everyone that you meet using the app.
This makes it easier to distinct your friends from your colleagues, your squad from your family and even your sympathies from your exes. It is the best feature that QuickShake has - and the one that lets you be in control of the information you share within the app.

Download QuickShake & Start Connecting!

QuickShake will be available for both Android and iOS devices - making it easy for everyone to join a new type of digital movement and show everyone how easy connecting with new (or existing) friends can be. The more social networks you conquer - the better you will know everyone you meet! All thanks to QuickShake!

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