launch in September 2017!

Here are some ways you can get involved.

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  2. Download our demo app for Android.

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    Our demo app for android shows what the QuickShake experience is like. Swipe left and checkout various demo QuickShake profiles.

  3. Join alpha testing.

    Want to be an early-adopter of QuickShake! Let us know and we'll hook you up with an alpha version of QuickShake to test out yourself. If you decide to try QuickShake alpha, we can promise exclusive access to premium features for life as a thank you.

  4. Help promote.

    Whether you're a blogger, journalist, or just love the idea of meeting new people more effectively, we'd love for you to help. Feel free to share our website, recommend QuickShake to others, or even show your friends the demo app. If you maintain an online blog or news channel, please checkout our press resource page and feel free to use any of our materials. If you'd like a special resource from us, please reach out and we'll do our best!